Does a Higher Coil Count Means Better Quality?

When it comes to selecting the perfect mattress, the options seem endless, with each brand and type claiming various features.

One common aspect that often excites shoppers is the mattress coil count.

Is a higher coil count means better quality?

Lets find out the significance of coil counts in innerspring mattress.

Understanding Innerspring Mattresses:

Innerspring mattresses have long been in the sleep industry.

Comprising a system of coils or springs as their core support, they offer varying degrees of firmness and comfort.

The coil count refers to the number of individual coils within the mattress.

While coil count is often touted as a key quality indicator, there’s more to consider before equating it with overall mattress superiority.

Quality vs Coil Count:

  1. The Myth of Higher Coil Counts: It’s easy to assume that a mattress with more coils automatically means better quality. However, quality isn’t solely determined by the number of coils. Manufacturers might market mattresses with high coil counts, but other factors play an equal role in determining the mattress’s overall comfort and longevity.
  2. Coil Thickness Matters: The thickness of the coils is as important as their quantity. Thicker coils tend to offer better support and durability. A mattress with fewer, thicker coils might outperform one with more, thinner coils.
  3. Coil Design and Type: The design and type of coils matter too. Pocketed coils, where each coil is encased individually, can provide better body support, resulting in enhanced comfort. Continuous coils, on the other hand offer durability but might compromise on motion isolation

While a high coil count can contribute to quality, it might not be the sole indicator. Balancing quality with your budget is key. Some mattresses with moderate coil counts can provide excellent comfort and durability without breaking the bank.


In the world of innerspring mattresses, the relationship between coil count and quality isn’t as straightforward as it seems.

While a higher coil count can offer benefits, it’s important to consider coil thickness, design, and your personal sleep preferences. W

hen making your decision, prioritize comfort, durability, and overall construction, rather than getting caught up in the coil count hype.

Remember, the best mattress is the one that provides you with the restful sleep you deserve.

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